Kidz Grass

Its always fun creating a new identity for an brand who’s target market are children, there is just something about letting that inner kid inside of you come through in the final design, which is what made this project so fun to work on!

We first became introducted to Solution Concepts Australia when they were looking for something entirely opposite to logo design, infact it was to redesign their existing website. Extremely happy with the brand we had captured through their new website, they came back to us when it was time to over haul one of their existing brands.

When we took on the project Kidz Grass was an already established brand that dealt with supplying and installing a range of synthetic grass solutions for child care centres, but the problem was their existing logo was looking worn and out of date. So we came in an brainstormed new ideas and directions, as the logo needed to appeal to their corporate clients while reflecting the nature of the product end users, specifically children.

The final result, one very colourful design that has that instant recognition of playful but corporate!

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