Advertising Design


For a large percentage of businesses the aim of any advertising is to grab the attention of your customers and to influence their buying behaviour! While the formula might sound simple often getting the right result isn’t!

I mean how hard can it be? Slap your logo on a flyer, add a special, piece of cake! WRONG!

Take a step back and ask yourself why your business is seeking Advertising or Promotional Ads. As with all advertising it needs to address a specific aim, otherwise how else are you going to measure its success?

At Two Socks we understand that finding new customers is vital for any new business, without them your business simply won’t survive. But finding the right advertising stream, targeting the right customers and ensuring your ads display in the appropriate format can be daunting and expensive to say the least. With this in mind it makes sense to work with us, a company that has helped many businesses promote their brand, products and services.

We have a complete understanding of the advertising market. This knowledge has helped us to develop a unique approach to helping our clients understand, setup, and manage promotional advertising that works.

Why not let us help you out on your next promotional event from implementation, design and photography work to printing your end product?

From start to finish we can help you decide what advertising market will best suit your business needs and budget so call us today and let us help grow your business!

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